USAJobs.OPM.GovFinding a job is difficult for anyone these days with the unemployment numbers rising and companies reluctant to bring on any new employees. If you feel that there isn’t anyplace that is hiring you might want to consider the government as a second career. There’re estimates that the Federal government will be hiring close to a quarter of a million employees in the coming years.USAJobs.OPM.Gov

USAJobs.OPM.Gov – There’re definitely benefits when it comes to working for the government. The 1st and foremost is the stability of being employed by the government as opposed to working for the private sector where turnover is fairly constant. Of course you can lose your job as a federal employee but it is more stable then anywhere else that you will find. If you are worried about the pay levels it is comparable the private sector. USAJobs.OPM.Gov

Advancement in most federal jobs is based on tests & performance, although if you are veteran you will receive additional points on your test. And the federal government has a high standard when it comes to discrimination so you will be treated fairly. Another advantage is the great benefits that are offered you. Health, dental, vision, life insurance and long term care are just some of the benefits that are in the Federal benefits plan. The federal government also has a retirement plan in addition to social security. USAJobs.OPM.Gov

The first place that you need to go to find a Federal job is http://usajobs.opm.gov/. You can search this site for a particular job in a particular place. You can also find where to take the test.USAJobs.OPM.Gov

If there are any negatives to working for the federal gov it is the time that it takes begin working for them. It may take several months from the time that you apply to the time that you start working for them.USAJobs.OPM.Gov

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