Things You Need To Know Before Applying for Federal Jobs

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The U.S federal hiring process received a great deal of attention in 2010 & 2011 with the Obama administration’s efforts to make the process simpler and more applicant-friendly. Many agencies rose […]

Applying for Federal Jobs

USAJobs.OPM.Gov – There’re several places job seekers could look into if they are seeking federal jobs. At any given time there are around 20,000 federal jobs being advertised online, through newspapers, and through state employment agencies. With more than 1.7 million jobs and over 400 occupational specialties (excluding postal service and military workers), the […]

Searching For Federal Employment

USAJobs.OPM.Gov – Whether you are just beginning your career or an experience professional, the U.S. Federal Government has a great career path with good benefits. It’s amazing how so many people never think of the government as a career option.

Federal Govt employees are typically put into leadership roles to over-see and manage vital […]